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Run a Tabletop Gaming Session

Do you want to introduce the world to the wonders of plushies?

Can you scientifically prove that One Punch Man could punch through a shield made from vibranium?

Do you know the ins and outs of writing Fanfiction and want to pass along your knowledge to more people?

Do you have a panel idea that's so crazy it just might work?!

Become a panelist!

It's fun, exciting and compensated!

All you have to do is fill out the submission form below and you'll be notified by the Panels team if your panel or workshop is accepted!

If you have any questions you can reach out to

Panelist Compensation

  • A Panel Organizer is a person who submits and successfully hosts one or more panels at the ConnectiCon Physical Event.
    • A Panel Organizer may also request to have a co-panelist assist them with one or more panels, a Panel Organizer may not request more than two co-panelists total across all panels to receive co-panelist compensation.
    • A co-panelist is a person who is included on a Panel Organizer’s submission, and has an active role in hosting one or more panels with a Panel Organizer at ConnectiCon.
  • Host 1 panel: Reimbursement for your membership.
  • Host 2 panels: $100 and membership reimbursement.
  • Host 3 panels: $225 and membership reimbursement.
  • Host four+ panels: $400 and membership reimbursement.
  • Co-Panelist compensation: Reimbursement for your membership.

In the event a panelist is a lifetime member, $120 of ConnectiCon Merchandise booth credit will be provided instead.

Compensation can be received at Registration Window #4 during convention hours.

Failure to collect reimbursement and/or additional compensation before the end of the convention, will result in forfeiture of reimbursement and/or additional compensation.

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