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Welcome to the ConnectiCon Staff page! Here you will find information on our dedicated Staff, and any current Staffing opportunities. Staff postings get updated continuously, so please keep checking for new positions. Internal candidates must apply for open leadership positions!

All staff positions of ConnectiCon are COMPENSATED positions. They consist of people who believe in the community and the success of the organization. An interest in attending conventions, in their fandom, and previous convention experience is not required to join our staff; however, it is helpful to have experience/knowledge in any of these areas. We are always looking for individuals with leadership and professional skills to join our team!

Please read all the information about our positions, policies, and benefits before submitting your application. By joining Staff, you agree to abide by these rules and policies, or else face consequences determined by Executive Staff.

**NO applications received will be held for review for the next year’s event ALL Staff will be required to re-apply for their position yearly.

Staff Information

Responsibilities of a staff member may include, but are not limited to:

  • Planning and running events. (during the year and/or during the convention)
  • Creating programming schedules.
  • Setup and breakdown of events.
  • Regularly attending mandatory meetings and training (in person or remotely) for your division.
  • Overseeing team/department members.
  • Promoting events.
  • Enforcing the rules of the convention.
  • Settling disputes in correlation to your convention duties.
  • Troubleshooting challenges and emergency situations.
  • Communicating with other staff members/departments, convention center staff, guests and industry professionals, and members via phone, e-mail, Slack, forums, and in person.


What are the requirements of becoming Staff?

You must purchase an All Weekend membership badge to the current event prior to being hired.

  • This membership will be refunded in full on Sunday of the current event after it has been verified that you have completed the hours of the Tier that you have committed to working. (6-24+ hours)
  • You can purchase a membership HERE.

You must be at least 18 years of age and able to perform your position’s duties. This can include walking/standing up to 6 hours or more per day and/or lifting/moving 20 lbs. or more without injuring yourself.

You must attend regular mandatory division meetings / training throughout the year, unless told otherwise by your department manager or above.

You must commit to working the hours of your chosen tier. (6, 12, 18 or 24 hours)

You must present yourself professionally at all times during events and convention-related instances. This includes, but is not limited to, following Staff Rules and procedures, and wearing your Staff shirt and badge while on duty and taking them off when you are not on duty/participating in events.

Can I be staff if I'm under the age of 18?


Staff Perks

What are the benefits of becoming a staff member?

First, the boring stuff:

In addition to supporting an event that you enjoy; it can be a very fun and rewarding experience. Working as staff for a convention is a learning experience; it gives you a whole new perspective on the activities you enjoy, and you may learn valuable skills. You can learn about conventions, how they run, behind-the-scenes information about the various industries you are interested in, etc. You can add your volunteer work to a resume or application, including any staff titles you have earned. In addition, you can build a diverse network of friends, colleagues, and industry professionals.

Now for the fun stuff:

  • Membership Reimbursement or a ConnectiCon Merchandise Booth Credit for all staff who complete a 6-hour shift.
  • Beginning with Tier 2 staff, Per Diem compensation for each day ranging from $87.50 to $106.25. Per diem will be mailed by check within 3 weeks of the conclusion of the convention weekend.
  • Commission on advertising & sponsorship sales (see offers for details.)
  • Discounts at local vendors during the convention (varies by vendor)
  • If you volunteer for ConnectiCon during other events and conventions, you may be reimbursed to attend those events (a free badge, gas, etc.) if given prior approval.
  • Access to the staff after-party on Sunday afternoon/evening (free food!)
  • Complimentary Staff T-Shirt or Management Polo.
*Please Note: You must purchase a membership for the days you are staffing the event prior to being hired.

In addition, you will receive the following benefits based on the number of hours you commit to working (minimum 6-hour shift per day):

Tier 1 - (1 Day) 6 - Hours

  • Membership reimbursement or a ConnectiCon Merchandise Booth Credit of $120.
  • (1) Staff T-shirt (Value $20) (additional shirts available for purchase quantities limited

Tier 2 - (2 Days) 12 - Hours (Per Diem Option)

  • Membership reimbursement or a ConnectiCon Merchandise Booth Credit of $120.
  • (1) Staff T-shirt (Value $20) (additional shirts available for purchase quantities limited)
  • $87.50 Per Diem (max $175)

Tier 3 - (3 Days) 18 - Hours (Per Diem Option)

  • Membership reimbursement or a ConnectiCon Merchandise Booth Credit of $120.
  • (2) Staff T-shirt (Value $40) or (2) Managers Polo (Value $70) (additional shirts available for purchase quantities limited)
  • $91.667 Per Diem (max $275)

Tier 4 - (4 Days) 24 - Hours (Per Diem Option)

  • Membership reimbursement or a ConnectiCon Merchandise Booth Credit of $120.
  • (2) Staff T-shirt (Value $40) or (2) Managers Polo (Value $70) (additional shirts available for purchase quantities limited)
  • $106.25 Per Diem (max $425)


All Staff are subject to the rules and policies of the Convention, the Convention Center, as well as any laws in the state of Connecticut. As a Staff Member, you are considered a public face of the organization and will be expected to conduct yourselves in a professional manner. The rules in this section apply at all times; during events/meetings and outside of the context of the convention (online, other conventions, etc.) This is to protect the convention, its staff, affiliates, and its members from harm and legal ramifications.

  • Steal money or items from the convention, its staff, volunteers, attendees, sponsors, vendors, business associates, etc.
  • Endanger, harass, or threaten other staff members, attendees, guests, vendors, affiliates, etc. verbally, physically, or sexually. Be aware that if you take physical action (even attempting to restrain or subdue a member), you take legal responsibility upon yourself. Contact venue security first.
  • Attend any ConnectiCon events while intoxicated, bring alcohol/illicit drugs/contraband onto the premises, or attempt to sell contraband items at events. In addition, you are not permitted to consume alcohol/illicit drugs while in your ConnectiCon uniform, make sure you are fit to work on-call throughout the duration of ConnectiCon events.
  • Participate in or become an accessory to any rule or law violations. This includes not handling or reporting misconduct.
  • Allow non-staff members into staff/guest of honor hotel rooms or other staff areas unless instructed to.
  • Abandon your duties without prior notification.
  • Handle duties and situations in an unprofessional manner. This includes, but is not limited to: yelling/screaming, physical contact, accusations, public defamation/gossip, insubordination, etc.
  • Solicit guests, vendors, businesses, make managerial decisions (how to handle challenges or emergencies, confiscate badges, expel someone from the premises, or strip anyone of their position) or make public statements (this includes interaction on any community outlets) unless you have the authority to do so.

Looking to become a Participating Member at ConnectiCon?