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If you’re looking for the drama, the funny, the tears, and the randomness, you’ve come to the right event! Our artistic performers create and execute their original short skits as your favorite characters. From slapstick comedy to intricate stories, the masquerade is fun for all!

How it Works: The Cosplay Masquerade is the most anticipated show held in Main Events! Participants handcraft costumes and perform skits based on geek pop culture, to entertain and compete for placement prizes and esteem! Winners will be determined by a panel of specialty judges and guests to ConnectiCon. The show features a fantastic walk-on show for competitors in the Craftsmanship competition as well as exhibition skits. Winners of the FMV’s are played and the Masquerade and Craftsmanship Awards are passed out in a special awards ceremony for all the contestants. It’s a night FULL of excitement!

IMPORTANT: Cosplay Event Rules and Regulations are posted on the Cosplay Events main page. If you have not already, review these BEFORE you apply to any ConnectiCon events. There may be something that is run differently at this convention than others that you have attended.




  • Youth - Age 12 and under as of the Thursday immediately before ConnectiCon.
  • Adult Novice - Any participant (13 and over) who has won 2 or fewer performance awards at this or any other convention
  • Adult Advanced - Any participant (13 and over) who has won 3 or more performance awards at this or any other convention

Entry Information

  • If you'd like the Emcee to read a short introduction (35 words or less) for your skit, please include this with your entry. The Emcee is not allowed to read anything during your skit, only prior to it.
  • Masquerade set-up on Saturday is Mandatory
  • You must submit completed images of all entry participants in costume to participate.
  • If you have any special requests, please email the Masquerade Coordinator. Keep in mind not all requests can be fulfilled but we will do our best to accommodate you.
  • If your group needs a few minutes to practice during the Masquerade set-up please email the Masquerade Coordinator. A few skits will be allowed to rehearse (time permitting).
  • The number of people allowed on stage at any given time is 8. This is for everyone's safety.
  • Skits having placed at any previous Masquerades (ConnectiCon and other conventions) cannot be used to compete with but may be performed again if cleared has been cleared with the Masquerade Coordinator for non competition purposes only
  • There will be no electrical hookups on stage so please keep your costumes self contained.
  • Please keep your costumes to a reasonable size- 8 ft or 250 pounds. Make sure your costume can make it across the stage, get through the doorway without clotheslining anyone, getting stuck, etc.
  • Any changes to entries must be done BEFORE the Masquerade. There will be no changes to participants/titles/introductions during the Masquerade practice or the Masquerade.
  • Parents are allowed (and encouraged) to be backstage with any participants under the age of 14, especially for participants under the age of 12.
  • Minors (those under 18 years of age) may not participate in the Masquerade without written permission by a legal guardian. Permission forms will be available at the convention and online. If you are a minor, please bring the signed copy with you to the check-in location, Cosplay HQ.
  • By registering, all Masquerade participants agree to let ConnectiCon use their images for promotional purposes – Both photographs and video. All participants will be required to sign a waiver at their at-con check-in acknowledging this. If you do not sign a waiver, you will not be allowed to appear in the Masquerade.
  • Failure to comply with rules and instructions specified to you before and during the event can or will result in dismissal.
  • It’s a game, HAVE FUN!!! (o^.’)b

Music & Audio

  • Those who wish to submit music CDs/Flash drives can do so only during check-in times at the check-in desk. They will NOT be accepted at the Masquerade itself.
  • There will be NO live microphones onstage. All sound/dialogue must be pre-recorded.
  • Any music must be turned in on a CD or flash drive. IPods/mp3 players/cell phones cannot be used to play music for the Masquerade. Your CD/flash drive MUST have your group leaders name, your entry # (will be included with the response email) and the name of the skit on it. Also please make sure that the CD/flash drive you use ONLY has your Masquerade music. The staff will not accept CD/flash drives that contain more than your Masquerade music.
  • Please check that your music is in MP3 format and plays properly after putting it onto a CD/flash drive. If your music is unable to be played, you will have to make alternative arrangements.
  • Please include your music cue on your entry (if applicable).
  • There is a 3:00 time limit to skits. Please make sure the track is no longer then that; if it does not then it will be faded out at the end. The time limit includes any set-up/break down (carrying items off and stage) time on stage as well.
  • Please pick up any flash drives/CDs at the tech desk after the Masquerade or on Sunday.
  • Please observe the PG-13 rating when recording your skit.


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For any further questions or concerns, please contact the Event Coordinator at