Death Match

A battle to the death by audience support!

2019 Event Coordinator: Grace (


The hype is enter the stage in an attempt to claim the audience’s affection. The louder they are, the father you go! Will you face the audience and win their hearts? Or be overwhelmed by your enemies and slaughtered in front of the entire audience? The beloved Mookie returns once again to host this dangerous blood bath!

Do you want to see how well you’ll fair in the brackets? Fight for your honor and sign up NOW!

How it Works: The Death Match is a fan inclusive event where 32 contestants are selected to battle it out for the crown. There will be 5 rounds in total, all guided by the loving hand of our host, Mookie! Characters and teams will fight one on one to climb up the ranks as judged by audience support until one contestant emerges victorious - your Champion!

The Connecticon Death Match is a PG-13 event. We do advise parents and younger audience members to take this into account.

IMPORTANT: Cosplay Event Rules and Regulations are posted on the Cosplay Events main page. If you have not already, review these BEFORE you apply to any ConnectiCon events. There may be something that is run differently at this convention than others that you have attended.



  • Use proper stage combat to avoid injury to yourself and others (if questions on how to perform stage combat, please contact the Cosplay Games Coordinator asap)
  • Collaborate with your opponent on fight ideas to make the best battle
  • Applicants have the right to approve or deny being matched with characters from the same series to create a new team.
  • No jumping or running off any point of the stage unless discussed with the staff in advance
  • Some extra set props may be allowed with prior staff knowledge and permission
  • You must enter and exit the stage using the areas designated
  • No fluids, confetti, glitter, or any substance can be released on stage that cannot be immediately removed.
  • Failure to follow rules and instructions specified to you before and during the event can or will result in dismissal from the game.
  • It’s a game, HAVE FUN!!! smile


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For any further questions or concerns, you may contact the Cosplay Events Coordinators, Grace ( or Samantha (