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Registration/Badge pickup information: 

How can I register for the con?
By Clicking here

Do I have to register online?
No, you can register at the convention or at our booths at other events.

Will I be able to register at the convention?
Yes, but you will be charged additional service fees. On-site registration will be available Friday, Saturday, and Sunday during the listed hours. On-site registration will be in the lower lobby of the convention center with the line beginning in section B of the parking garage.

How do I access my registration/QR code?
If you haven't already created an account on GrowTix, you will need to do so with the e-mail address you registered with. From there, you can access your orders, edit information, upgrade memberships, and access your confirmation.

To log in, go here:

Badge pickup

Thursday (for preregistered All Weekend & Friday Members Only) 2pm - 9pm
Friday (All Weekend & Friday Members Only) 9AM - 8PM
Saturday (All Weekend & Saturday Members Only) 9AM - 8PM
Sunday (All Weekend & Sunday Members Only) 9AM - 2PM

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