Fan-Made Music Video Contest

Connecticon's Fan-Made Music Video Contest is a world-wide competition for amature video editors! Have you ever been listening to a song on the radio and thought to yourself, "Wow... this fits with my favorite anime / movie / TV show / video game so perfectly!" Well... here's your chance to show off your work to an audience of thousands! Videos are received from across the globe and narrowed down to a group of 25 finalists, which the ConnectiCon audience will then vote on for their favorites. In addition, technical prizes will be awarded to those videos which wow the judges panel with their technical or conceptual prowess. 

ConnectiCon XVII Finalists

We are happy to announce this years Finalists! 
There will be screenings Friday at 4pm in Riverside-3, 7:30p in Special Events (21+ Only), and Saturday 10:30am in Main events. Winners will be shown Saturday at 8pm in Main and Special Events just prior to DEATHMATCH, and again Sunday at 10am in Main Events.

The NSFW Exhibition has been canceled, entries that were submitted will be shown randomly in the 21+ Special Events Hall 

Those Eyes by Zandersen
Pitching in the Blue by Garak The Tailor
I Get To Love You by MinetChan
Fireflowers by Oscar
Letting Go by Rei-chan

Determination: 100% by ResidentPyro
Death Wish by ObsessiveBookworm
Mark Morton - Cross Off (AMV) ft. Chester Bennington "JLalley1029 Tribute" by Jack
Two Heroes When Legends Rise by Maboroshi Studio
Believer by Dragon Girl Sam

Upbeat/Fun/Other (UFO)
The Greatest Bartender by Cirera
D E S T R U C T by Zane Kordich
Mukosei kara Hiro e by PerkyPastry
Remember The Magic by Daggertail100
Purrfect Pawsitivity by shorisquared

Any Way The Wind Blows by Team Kultzow
The Last Hope by Daggertail100
Until the End - Yona by Leibhaber
Happy For You by Zandersen
If I Was by ObsessiveBookworm

It's Easy M'Kay by Maboroshi Studio
Diznee Presents: Kuroko's Basketball by Pikapwn
The Ouran Book Report by AquaSorceress
My Friend, My Stalker by Chaosprojects
Plus Ultra Bodywash by Maboroshi Studio

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