Dating Game

To win their heart, or be left heartbroken?

2019 Event Coordinator: Sam (

A stunning and available bachelor or bachelorette is placed on one side of a lonely curtain. On the other side of the curtain are three mysterious singles vying to win their heart and enjoy the date of a lifetime. Only one can win this Bachelor/ette’s heart, the others must walk away, forever alone. Your support may change our loner’s mind! Support your favorite characters in the search for love!

How it Works: The Dating Game is a comedic event where a bachelor or bachelorette sits on one side of the stage, and asks three anonymous contestants a series of surprise questions to win a date! The contestants answer the questions in character and the audience  assists in choosing which contestant wins based on their responses. Unlike other conventions, the ConnectiCon Dating Game is a PG-13 event: It features both straight and gay rounds!

Are you curious if this might be ‘the one’? Then follow your heart and sign up NOW!

The ConnectiCon Dating Game is a PG-13 event. We do advise parents and younger audience members to take this into account.

IMPORTANT: Cosplay Event Rules and Regulations are posted on the Cosplay Events main page. If you have not already, review these BEFORE you apply to any ConnectiCon events. There may be something that is run differently at this convention than others that you have attended.


  • PG-13 event, meaning no explicit words or content
  • The Asker’s questions are the only scripted pieces
  • This is an improv event, which means you’re expected to speak without preparation
  • Answerer’s, you may talk with your competitors and banter
  • We aim to give all participants equal dialogue time, please avoid monopolizing it
  • You must enter and exit the stage using the areas designated
  • No fluids, confetti, glitter, or any substance can be released on stage that cannot be immediately removed.
  • Failure to follow rules and instructions specified to you before the event can or will result in dismissal from the game.
  • It’s a game, HAVE FUN!!! smile


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For any further questions or concerns, you may contact the Cosplay Events Coordinators, Grace ( or Samantha (