Fan-Made Music Video Contest

Connecticon's Fan-Made Music Video Contest is a world-wide competition for amature video editors! Have you ever been listening to a song on the radio and thought to yourself, "Wow... this fits with my favorite anime / movie / TV show / video game so perfectly!" Well... here's your chance to show off your work to an audience of thousands! Videos are received from across the globe and narrowed down to a group of 35 finalists, which the ConnectiCon audience will then vote on for their favorites. In addition, technical prizes will be awarded to those videos which wow the judges panel with their technical or conceptual prowess. For more information about the rules, acceptable footage, and submission information, check out the menu to the right.


THE DEADLINE FOR THE 2013 FMV CONTEST HAS PASSED! We will no longer be accepting submissions for this year! Thank you to all who entered. Be sure to check out our FMV screenings at the convention!