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Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page! Here you will find information about our most popular departments and events. If you cannot find the answer to your questions here, please submit an inquiry through our contact form.

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Registration Questions

How can I register for the con?

Do I have to register online?
No, you can register at the con, or you can fill out the online form, print it, and send us your payment through the mail. (Mailed forms must be post-marked by the current membership rate cut-off date to be accepted, late payments will be returned unopened). We also accept payments at our Office and Tournament Center or at our promotional booths at other events.

Will I be able to register at the convention?
Yes. On-site registration will be available Friday, Saturday, and Sunday during the listed hours. On-site registration will be in the lower lobby of the convention center with the line beginning in section B of the parking garage.

What are the rates and when will they increase?
Information on membership rates for the current year can be found on the registration page.

Can I get a refund or give my membership to someone else?
As stated on the registration page, memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable. Generally these types of transactions cost the organization time and money, so please be sure to plan accordingly before registering as a member.

What is the difference between a membership and a ticket?
ConnectiCon, LLC is a membership-based organization. When you pay for your membership, you're paying to receive all of the membership benefits offered (whether or not you choose to use them is up to you). Those benefits currently include the ability to participate in our monthly member events at our office in Newington, CT; the option to purchase discounted merchandise; the ability to participate at our annual members' conference ConnectiCon held in Hartford, CT each summer; receipt of monthly newsletters informing you of the latest ConnectiCon related news and events. ConnectiCon, LLC's membership year begins on October 1st and ends on September 30th each year, so the earlier you register the longer you get to enjoy your membership benefits. If you choose not to use your membership benefits, ConnectiCon cannot be held responsible.

Why can't I just purchase tickets to the event?
If ConnectiCon were to sell tickets, admission, badges, etc., we would have to collect an admission tax and then send that tax over to the State of Connecticut. This is the same tax that you pay when you buy a movie ticket, concert tickets, pay admission to enter the county fair, etc. Using this format, we are able to keep the costs to our attendees lower.

When will I receive my badge/ticket?
We do not mail badges, they must be picked up on-site at the registration desk.

What are the hours the registration desk will be open at the con?

Thursday: 6pm-10pm (Thursday is ONLY for pre-registered All-Weekend and Friday Only attendees to pick up their badges in advance. There will be a separate line during the convention for people who pre-registered. It is generally faster than registering on-site.)
Friday: 8am-10pm
Saturday: 8am-10pm
Sunday: 8am-2pm
(Registration for the following year will begin at 2pm.)

What do I need to pick up my badge?
You will need an acceptable form of photo ID (driver's license, state ID, school ID, passport, etc.) We always recommend that you bring proof of purchase (receipt, invoice, bank statement, etc.) just in case, but it is usually not necessary.

What if I don't have ID?
If you cannot provide proper ID (such as in the case of minors), we can verify information by asking you for your birth date, address, etc. We prefer that children are escorted by a parent or guardian for this reason and also for safety reasons.

Can I pick up my friend's badge?
The short answer is no, the member must pick up their own badge. Organization/Camp registrations may be checked in by one person if they have proper proof of purchase. Make sure to properly coordinate with your group ahead of time to avoid anyone getting left behind!

What if I lose my badge during the convention?
From our RULES & POLICIES: "Your badge is property of ConnectiCon and is subject to revocation at the discretion of ConnectiCon. Additionally, if you lose your badge, you will be responsible for buying another one." Unfortunately, when a badge is claimed as lost or stolen, we cannot confirm that it is not being used by someone else, so we must charge full price for a replacement. Every attendee is responsible for the care of their badge, no exceptions.

Do you accept credit/debit?
Online only. We only accept cash on-site. See MISC for ATM locations.

My payment went through, why didn't I get my confirmation e-mail?
Most of the time, it is because the e-mail address was spelled incorrectly or the confirmation e-mail got lost in a spam filter.

Where can I see if I'm registered or not? Where can I copy/print my invoice?
You can log into your account and check these links for "paid" invoices (the invoice will only display in ONE of the two places, NOT BOTH):

What does ____ status mean?

Pending Offsite- You were transferred offsite, but did not complete your transaction. These will be automatically archived after a few days and will not appear on your account.
Processing- You have chosen to mail in your payment and we are waiting to receive it.
OverDue- You have exceeded the 10 day grace period for mail-in payments.

Can you delete X invoice for me?
NO. All invoices must be preserved or archived for records purposes.

Will I be charged for "mistake" invoices?
NO. It is impossible for us to charge accounts, payments must be sent to us.

Where can I mail my payment?
Print off your invoice and send it with your payment to:

ConnectiCon, LLC
741 New Britain Ave.
Newington, CT 06111

Who do we e-mail about problems with registration?

Please submit an inquiry through our contact form.

How long does a typical response take?
Allow 2 or 3 business days before sending another inquiry. Most will be answered quickly. Some problems can take longer to resolve than others, so we ask for your patience. If you need additional help, the staff frequently monitors the forums.

Are there any discounts available?

Military- $10 discount off any membership type (you must show military ID when you pick up your badge.)

MENSA - $5 discount off any membership type (you must show your MENSA card when you pick up your badge.)

Child- Children under 6 are free. (Discount is based on the age of the child during the convention, not the age at registration.)

Youth- Ages 6-12 receive a 50% membership discount. (Discount is based on the age of the child during the convention, not the age at registration.)

Groups - groups of 10 or more will receive a $5/membership discount on all-weekend memberships.

We currently do not offer a discount for senior citizens.

Discounts do not stack, only the largest discount will apply.


You can find local information about Hartford and transportation under the Accommodations section. The forums are also a good place to ask for advice/recommendations. (See Misc. section for food.)

Where do I find information about the attached hotel/Marriott?

Under Hotels.

Where can I find information on other hotels?
When the Marriott is almost full, we will announce room block openings at other hotels. Keep checking the News & Hotels sections for updates on other room blocks.

Why can't I book a room?
Our hotel blocks tend to sell out quickly, but if you are having trouble booking a room online or can't get the discount and we haven't announced it is sold out, call the hotel directly. (Please note that it is up to the hotel to open up the room block for bookings. We have no control over this decision, so we thank you in advance for your patience.)

How old do you have to be to book a room/check in?
The attached hotel has graciously agreed to let our 18+ attendees book rooms. However, if there is no chaperon (someone 21+), alcohol will not be allowed in the room and will not be available to order from the hotel. Please keep in mind that a credit or debit card is usually required upon checking into the hotel. This is to ensure that "incidental" charges are covered.

Where can I find a hotel with smoking rooms?
Due to Connecticut law, which prohibits smoking in public buildings (restaurants, clubs, department stores, etc.), and international laws affecting large chain hotels, very few hotels in Connecticut offer smoking rooms and prohibit smoking throughout the building. Check with your hotel individually about their smoking policies.


What is the date of the convention?
ConnectiCon 2015 will be held July 9-12th at the Connecticut Convention Center and Hartford Marriott Downtown in Hartford, CT. July 9th is for pre-registration check-in, preview night events and our annual Nerd Prom (see Special Events for details.)

What are hours of operation, both in the center and at the hotel?

Convention Center Hours:
Friday- 8am-midnight
Saturday- 8am-midnight
Sunday- 8am-6pm

Function space is open from 6pm until 2am on Friday, 8am until 2am on Friday and Saturday, and 8am until 6pm on Sunday.

When/where is the dance?
Friday & Saturday night from 9pm-2am in the Hartford Marriott Downtown Ballroom. There will also be 21+ events as part of ConnectiCrawl at Burger Baby and other local venues throughout downtown Hartford. Check Special Events for details.

When/where is the masquerade?
The masquerade is held on Saturday evening in the Main Events Hall (Ballroom ABC) at the Connecticut Convention Center. Information on seating to come later.

When are the fireworks?
Hartford's Riverfest is currently scheduled for Saturday evening on July 11th, which is during the convention. Keep checking for updates and changes in scheduling. 

When is the Dealer's Room/Artists’ Colony/OMG Hall open?

All vendor areas will be open to the public during these hours:

Friday- 12-8pm
Saturday- 11am-7pm
Sunday- 10am-4pm


Where can I read the schedule/get information on programming?
Look under the Events section of the site for updates on events.The program book  and digital guidebook app will be posted online 2-4 weeks before the convention.

Can I get a copy of the program book/schedule at the convention?
Yes. When you receive your badge, you will be provided with information, including a FREE copy of our program book, plus any updates.

How can I inquire about an event or submit information for an event?
Look for event submission forms for various departments in the “Submit an Event” section of the website. All other inquiries can be submitted through the Contact form. If you are looking for event programming during the membership year, check out our Event Calendar.

I have questions about an event. Where do I ask?
Please fill out the Contact form and select the department running the event. If you are unsure, choose “General Information” and your e-mail will be forwarded to the right people.

How do I sign up for events ahead of time?
As long as you are registered to attend the convention, you can sign up for certain events online ahead of time! To sign up for an event, click the “Reserve a Seat” button in the event description. CLICK THE BUTTON ONLY ONCE, PLEASE!

Note: Not all events will be taking reservations prior to the convention. If you do not see the “Reserve a Seat” button, the event will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis, so make sure to plan your schedule accordingly!

Where can I see the list of events I’ve signed up for?

To view your convention “itinerary,” click here.

Where can I see the list of events I’m running?

To view your list of submitted events, click here.


How do I submit my idea for a panel or workshop?

Click here to submit your event. You must be logged in to your ConnectiCon account to submit an event. The Panels & Workshops staff will review your submission and follow up with any questions.

When do panel and workshop submissions open?
Submissions for ConnectiCon 2014 are now Closed.

I submitted an event but I don't know if it's been approved?
The Panels & Workshops staff received over 500 applications last year, so we ask for your patience and cooperation as we take the time to read and consider each and every attendee submitted event. We will begin scheduling events in late January/early February. Submissions close on April 15th, 2014. All submissions will be processed by May 15th at the latest.

How will I know if my event is approved or rejected?
You will receive an automated email letting you know we have received your application. When your event is approved and scheduled, or if it is rejected, you will receive another email from the system. Submissions close on April 15th, 2015. All submissions will be processed by May 15th at the latest.

My event is pending and the time of the event shows as 12:11 AM. What is this?

All event forms default to this time upon submission. If scheduled, the actual time of your event will be shown in your confirmation email.

How do I reserve my seat in a panel or workshop?

Panels & Workshops are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. You can not reserve a seat for any panel or workshop. Once the room is at capacity the event is full. Panels & Workshops Staff will fill seats as they become vacant, but in order to comply with fire code we can not allow standing room in any of our events. For popular events that will fill quickly, plan your schedule accordingly!

Do I need anything to get into an 18+, or R rated, event?
We require a valid, government issued photo ID for all 18+ events. Acceptable forms of ID are: license, non-driver ID, passport, military ID. We will be distributing 18+ wristbands in order to manage event lines and fill the panel rooms more efficiently. To get your 18+ event wristband, stop by the Info Desk. The 18+ event wristband MUST go on your wrist. It can not be placed on an article of clothing, costume, your badge/lanyard, or prop. If your costume obscures or covers your face you will be asked to remove the item in order to receive your wristband. NO EXCEPTIONS CAN BE MADE TO THIS POLICY.


Is there a rave/informal dance?
Yes, however, we prefer to use the term "dance." (See above section for times.)

Is there a formal dance/ball?


NERD PROM will be held at the Hartford Marriott Downtown on Thursday night, and will be limited to 240 participants, there is an additional $50 cost for this event, as it includes a lot of extras: food, beverages, souvenir glass, centerpieces, photographer, etc. If you want to attend Nerd Prom this year, we suggest that you pre-register as tickets WILL NOT be available at the door.

What is/isn't allowed at the dance?
Convention rules must be followed during the dance. We do not allow drugs or alcohol during the dance, and we ask that attendees display appropriate, safe behavior at all times during the convention. In other words, no shoving/moshing, wearing inappropriate clothing, harassing other attendees, throwing/spreading glitter, etc. You are allowed to bring glow sticks, costumes, etc. Food and drink is not allowed in the ballroom unless it is provided by the hotel.


When will Artists’ Colony registration open? Is it full? Is there a wait list?

Check this page for up to date information.

Is the Dealers’ Room full yet?
Yes, however you can contact to be put on a waiting list in case a spot opens up.


What are the rates for the parking garage/meters? How do I get parking passes?

Check our Travel Info page for the current year's parking information.

Can I take pictures/video?
Yes, you may take photos and video at the convention. We prefer you to get permission from any attendees/staff/vendors that may be featured in the photos/videos, especially if you intend to put them online/publish them. Please refrain from taking pictures in the Artists’ Colony; many artists do not like people taking pictures of their work.

What If I don't want to have my photo taken?
By attending the convention, you agree to allow ConnectiCon LLC to be able to use your likeness in any current or future advertising or promotions. If someone else uses your image or tries to take a photo of you without your consent, please contact them directly about the issue.

Where can I find food? Can I take food into the convention center?
The convention center offers food at their concession stands. There is also a cafe on the mezzanine. The convention center discourages outside food and beverage (exceptions include special dietary restrictions.) Please refrain from bringing food/drink into the function spaces.

There are a variety of restaurants and cafes around the downtown Hartford area. Our site, program book, hotels, and convention center list various places to find food. The forums are also a good place to find suggestions.

Where can I find an ATM?
There are various ATM's located throughout the convention center and hotels. There are two located in the lobby near the registration desk. See the convention center map for details.

How do I report an incident?
There will be convention center security stationed around the convention center as well as staff and volunteers in all function spaces. If you have an emergency, notify someone in your vicinity immediately (do not wait for someone or visit con ops to report something- tell the closest authority.) If you see any suspicious behavior (theft, harassment, or other inappropriate behavior) let someone know.

Convention Center Security wears bright blue shirts. Con staff will be wearing black polo shirts (with the con logo) and red badges, volunteers will be wearing bright orange shirts and badges. Anyone with radios/headsets is of higher rank and also the fastest form of communication.

How can I volunteer for the convention?
Look for information under the Volunteering section of the website.

How can I join staff?
Please look for updates on openings on our Staff page.