Press Registration

Thank you for your interest in covering ConnectiCon 2015!  To attend ConnectiCon 2015 as a media representative, you must register with our Press department using the form below.  APPLICATIONS VIA FACEBOOK OR TWITTER, ETC. WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Please fill out the form along with any special requests or accommodations you may require. Please submit all Press applications PRIOR TO the convention to be considered. Applying late may disqualify you from receiving Press credentials. If you need to contact the Press department, please use our contact form.

Press Registration Form

By submitting this form I acknowledge that I have read and agree to abide by ConnectiCon’s Press/Media Guidelines.

Press/Media Guidelines

To attend ConnectiCon 2015 as a media representative, you must register with our press department.  Once registered you agree to abide by the following guidelines:


A maximum of 2 memberships are available per internet media outlet.

A maximum of 4 memberships are available per local media (broadcast news, or print media outlet).

Badges and Memberships are not transferable and should have both a personal name and company or publication name on them.

Badges must be worn at all times to ensure access to all convention function space and to media access areas.

Media representatives are expected to comply with the Convention Policies, and failure to do so will result in the loss of media privileges and possible expulsion from the convention.


Time is a limited commodity and the first priority for the Guests of ConnectiCon will be their public appearances.  Media representatives are asked NOT to approach them on their way to, during, or returning from panels, workshops, or special events.  There will be NO one-on-one interviews between media and guests without prior approval, and no on-the-spot interviews with guests will be allowed during the convention.  Media Representatives are invited to a Press Junket where guests will be present and fielding questions.  More on the Press Junket is below.

The organizers and staff of ConnectiCon will make every effort to be helpful and informative, but please keep in mind that they will be very busy that weekend and may be called away or unavailable when you want them.  If you wish to interview the Con Chair, or any senior department head, please make the request with your application so they can plan on setting time aside for that purpose.  On-the-spot interviews with executives, staff, or volunteers will not be possible.

Those who come to ConnectiCon have paid to enjoy their weekend in peace and have the right to refuse to be filmed or interviewed if they so wish.  Any interviews or filming must be done with the minimum disruption to traffic flow and nearby activities.  Opportunities will be provided to photograph the Masquerade contestants and other costumed attendees in a safe and organized setting.


Con Events:
There will be very limited space reserved for Media at major events such as the Opening Ceremonies, and Cosplay events.  Only those with media badges will be allowed in this area.  Please put requests to film major events in your application, so we can reserve space.

Off-site Events:
Media representatives are welcome to cover off-site convention scheduled events with approval of the site owner/manager and associated performers (approval CANNOT be given by convention staff.) Filming in screening rooms is strictly prohibited. For any events or areas not associated with the convention (non-public hotel space, downtown Hartford events, etc.), Media outlets must obtain approval from event or site managers. Please keep in mind, all off-site interviews and photoshoots are still within the jurisdiction of ConnectiCon Convention if any representatives are wearing the ConnectiCon badge or representing the convention in any way. This is for the protection of our members, vendors, guests and staff, and also to protect the convention&#;39s reputation from unsolicited representation.

Dealer's Room:
Because of heavy traffic patterns, media representatives are asked not to film inside the Dealers Room during the times it is open to the public without special permission from the Director of PR, and the approval of the Dealers Room Manager.

Artists' Colony:
Webcomics, and other artists will have booths set up in Artists' Colony, where they will be showcasing their talents and have items for sale.  Media representatives MAY approach artist exhibitors for interviews, but exhibitors have the right to refuse at their discretion.  Any interviews or filming must be done with a minimum disruption to traffic flow and nearby activities.

Press Junket:
Press Junkets will be held Friday and Saturday morning of the convention before the start of opening ceremonies.  A representative of ConnectiCon and a select number of guests will be on hand to field questions.  All registered media outlets are invited to attend and film/record.  More specific details, including the list of guests will be provided closer to the weekend of the convention.

Commitment to Publish:

By accepting badges from ConnectiCon, you agree to publish coverage of the event no later than 60 days after the convention, and to e-mail links to such coverage to in order to be considered for a press membership in a future year.  If content is not available online, then a copy of the published coverage must be received no later than 90 days after the convention. Please mail all print publications to: ConnectiCon, LLC 741 New Britain Ave., Newington, CT 06111