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Courtenay Taylor

Courtenay Taylor

Psychotic biotic? Check. Conflicted Jedi? Check. Elusive and sexy spy? Check and check! That’s right – Jack from Mass Effect, Juhani from Knights of the Old Republic and Ada Wong of Resident Evil 6 all enjoy the same vocal chords – those of actress Courtenay Taylor!

While providing the pipes for a host of animated characters, you may also see her in live action projects like the cult classic Cannes-awarded feature “Rubber”, as well as recent roles on TV’s Franklin & Bash, Person of Interest, and Criminal Minds.

Travel the 'Verse with her as the female player voice (Wil Wheaton voices the male version) in the Firefly Online game.  Listen for her as the female player voice in FALLOUT 4,  and as the female lead in "HugeNDACan'tSayQuiteYetSorry". Tune into Cartoon Network’s “Regular Show” where you can hear her as Starla, Audrey and a plethora of other ladies, or go play with her in some of today’s most popular video games like Evolve, Destiny, Diablo 3 and 75+ other titles:

Jack - Mass Effect 2 & 3
Ada Wong – Resident Evil 6, ORC, & Damnation
Juhani – Knights of the Old Republic
Gloria Van Graff & more – Fallout New Vegas
Hex – Skylanders franchise
Angela Weaver – XCOM Declassified: The Bureau
Mary - Guild Wars 2
Asheara -  Diablo III
Lasarra - StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm                
Arwen/Saenathra - Lord of the Rings: War in the North
Netula Pahn/Lady Aitalla/Kalda Biss/Casey Rix - Star Wars: The Old Republic
Scarlet Lake - Alpha Protocol
Serina A.I. - Halo Wars
Twins - God of War
Wonder Woman – Justice League Heroes
Heather/Damsel - Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines