Guests: Industry Guests

Stephen Brooks

Stephen Brooks is an NYC based animator, and operates RubberOnion.

Chris Malone

Chris Malone

Chris “Kilika” Malone is an Emmy-winning cartoonist and beach bum.

He currently works on the Cyanide and Happiness cartoons, and just finished illustrating a few scenes in the new live-action Little Mermaid movie. He’s also a professor of animation at Kennesaw State University.

He’s worked on other cartoons like Archer, Adam Ruins Everything, Explosion Jones, WWE Storytime, Blubburbs, and the video game, Battleborn.

Right now he's landlocked in Atlanta with his two dogs and guinea pig.

James Nethery

James Nethery

James got into animation from a very early age thanks to his dad being an animator at Walt Disney Feature Animation. In his teens, he took serious interest in the artform and started studying and making his own films and from 2009-2011 James attended Animation Mentor: The Online Animation School where he learned to hone his craft.

While in school, James taught himself Toon Boom Harmony and Adobe Flash and worked on his personal projects in his spare time between classes and a part time job. After graduating Animation Mentor in 2011, James decided to pursue a career in 2D animation  and started working as a freelance animator.

After doing a lot of smaller projects, his first full-time freelance gig came from Lowbrow Studios where he worked for a few years as an animator on hit web shows such as Cyanide and Happiness and College Humor originals. During his freelance years he also worked for Blind Ferret Productions in Montreal and Primal Screen in Atlanta doing animation and rigging work on a variety of different projects.

His work on Cyanide and Happiness and other freelance projects got him noticed at Floyd County Productions in Atlanta where he landed his first in house studio job on Season 7 of Archer as well as two unreleased pilots.

After Season 7 of Archer ended, James left Floyd County and went to work full time for Lowbrow Studios as their animation director where he directed the animation on a plethora of high end projects such as Cyanide and Happiness, Adam Ruins Everything, and WWE Storytime among others.

James is now working for Lowbrow Studios as their Technical Director where he oversees the entire animation process for any project animated in Toon Boom Harmony. He supervises the character rigging process and scene setup,  assists animators with technical issues, and gives feed back and notes on animator’s submitted work Currently, he is working on a big show that will premiere sometime in the fall of 2018.