Guests: Comic Books

Gigi Edgley

Gigi Edgley

Gigi Edley is an internationally renowned actress originally from Australia. Edgley has starred in countless film and television series including USA's The Starter Wife, Rescue Special Ops, Tricky Business, SyFy's Showdown at Area 51 and Quantum Apocalypse, Carlotta, Newcastle, Blackjack, Peacekeeper Wars, Stingers, Secret Life of Us, Beastmaster, Lost World, Water Rats and Day of the Roses.

Additionally Edgley has an extensive history with The Jim Henson Company beginning with her popular role as Chiana on the company's critically acclaimed scifi cult series, Farscape in which she starred for over five years. 

Gigi stole the hearts of scifi enthusiasts. She was originally cast as a guest star for one episode, but quickly captured the attnetion of the Farscape writers, producers and at the fans alike. The mischievous Chiana became one of the most popular, and at time controversial characters in the series. Recently the SyFy Channel and The Jim Henson Company asked her to host Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge.

Edgley's team also raised over $44,000 on Kickstarter to fund as SciFi short called Hashtag. They are planning to take it to the Sundance, Cannes and Toronto film festivals. Currently she is filming Nexus. Gigi was nominated for the Film's Critic's Circle awards for best lead actress in the feature Last Train to Freo, the SyFy Genre Award for Best Supporting actress, the Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress in a television series and Maxim Award for Sexiest Space Babe. 

Gigi has a long list of theatre credits as well that include: Kill Everything You Love, 4.48 Psychosis, The Rover Boy's, Romeo and Juliet, Road, Picnic at Hanging Rock, and Les Miserables.

Edgley is also a recording artist, creator of original comic books, director, and producer. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Queensland University of Technology after entering in the auditions along side hundres of other candidates

Steve Geiger

Steve Geiger

For the past Twenty years Steve Geiger has served as a professional artist in the advertising and comic book fields. After graduating from Buffalo State University, he began his career as an apprentice to the legendary comic book artist John Romita Sr. He was soon hired on staff, and eventually was named Managing Art Director for The Marvel Entertainment Group. 

Throughout his career he has served as a regular artist on such comics as Spider-man, The Incredible Hulk , Bloodshot, Scion, Lorelei, and Samuree. 

Steve has also illustrated many covers and single issues (“One Shots”) for such titles as The X-men, Punisher: War Journal, The Fantastic Four, Batman, and countless others. 

He is now launching his own enterprise, The Evilgeiger Empire, an entertainment development company devoted to the creation, implementation, and production of original content and creator-owned concepts and characters. 

Current projects include: The Henchman with Devin Hylton, Gabriel Damascus; Cutter, and Plowboy in the Cornmeal Universe with Hollywood Animation. 

Steve lives in Williamsville, NY with his wife Kristy and their son, Steven III.

Steve Lavigne

Steve Lavigne

Steve Lavigne is an American Illustrator, born in Westbrook, Maine.

He joined Mirage Studios (home of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), in 1985. Steve began by lettering TMNT comics and coloring graphic novels and covers. He later became Licensing Artist and Licensing Art Director.

Steve was the artist responsible for creating most of the officially licensed TMNT artwork seen on toy/video game/product packaging.  He has produced art for Playmates, Burger King, Konami, Redbook Magazine and more.

Steve continues to do covers for IDW TMNT books and takes commissions regularly. He also own Shellback Artworks.  Shellback Artworks is a Facebook page whereby fans can view current art projects, con schedule, purchase vintage & new comics/art/memorabilia and/or request commission work.