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August Membership Appreciation Day!


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It’s that time again! There’s a Membership Appreciation Day (M.A.D) this Saturday, August 11th from 10 am to 10 pm, at our Tournament Center and Member Shop located at 705 N. Mountain Road Suite C112, Newington, Connecticut 06111.

What can you expect at a MAD?
-Screenings on a 55” 1080p, 240Hz, LED TV.
-Video gaming on 32” LCD TV’s - we’ll have at least 10 systems set up for open gaming and tournament play!
-Board gaming, our library is your library at MAD events - feel free to bring your own if you want to play something specific.
-Tabletop roleplaying games, our schedule is constantly being updated to include a wide variety of systems, currently we offer: D&D 4E, Pathfinder, Shadowrun, and Dresden Files campaigns and adventures.
-We’ve also got a room set up for socializing and chatting about whatever you’re interested in talking about.

Additionally, ConnectiCon is hosting 2 Magic: The Gathering Events, a ProTour Qualifier - Seattle Standard Constructed and a Super Invitational Qualifier. Both will be held at 200 Clement Road, East Hartford, CT with the PTQ going from 8:30 am to 11:30 pm and the SIQ starting at 3:00 pm.
The PTQ will have special guest Lars Grant-West. Entry for the PTQ will be $25. Entry for the SIQ will be $25 or $10 for those who participated in the PTQ.
For more information check here:


We hope to see you there!