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Anyone want to buy a TON of Mageknights?


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I have 3 large toolboxes full of mageknights (each box probably weighs about 25-30 lbs) that I’d like to get rid of. I used to be a hardcore player but besides a few pieces everything has been sitting in a closet collecting dust. I’m not asking for a lot but please don’t insult me with a lowball $20 offer. This is a very large collection (probably between 2000-3000 pieces in all) that includes a bunch of uniques going back from the original Rebellion set to the MK 2.0 Horsemen set, as well as about 50 tournament won unique pieces. If you’re still an MK player or play any other miniature games, then this would be a great addition for your collection. My email is <!—e—><!—e—> for anyone that would like to contact me with an offer.

I know I posted this in the Gen forums too, please don’t delete.


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Re: Anyone want to buy a TON of Mageknights?

Please do not make duplicate posts, as this is against forum rules. I’ve deleted the one in the gen forum, please refrain from double posting in the future, thank!