Q: When's the deadline?

A. 11:59pm July 1st, 2018

Q: What are the prizes?
A: First place winners in each video category* will receive a $100 gift card mailed by December 31. Winner of Best in Show will recieve a $150 gift card mailed by December 31.
*Fun/Upbeat and Other are judged together.

Q: How many videos can I submit?

A. If you bought (or are planning to buy) admission for the convention this year, three. If not, two.

Q: You say that I can use webcomics and graphic novels, but in the rules it says no still images. What gives?
A: Motion can be applied to still images to wonderful effect. For an example of this, see this video.

Q: Can I submit a WoW (or any other MMORPG) video?
A: Yes. However, please note that status & action bars (HP indicators, spell sets, etc), macros, and name tags will count as watermarks and will result in your video being disqualified. (Side note: Alt Z removes status and action bars in WoW.)

Q: Can I use live-action footage I filmed myself?

A: As long as it is only 25% of the video, and directly relates to a pre-established anime, tv show, movie, etc… (Example: Footage of someone cosplaying as Naruto dancing, or two of your friends having a lightsaber duel, would be acceptable. Footage of your Mom baking a cake, or your puppy playing with a chewtoy, would not.)

Q: Can I use footage I animated myself?
A: Sure. However, if your video is deemed to be more "professional" (like Monty Oum's Dead Fantasy films, or the LeetStreet Boys), we may ask you if we can move it to the non-competing category, so as to not un-balance the rest of the contest.

Q: Can I use footage from ______?

A: Check the "Acceptable Footage" list. The general rule of thumb is, if you think that the convention audience will enjoy it, it should probably be ok. Most of our audience is comprised of anime, scifi, fantasy, webcomic, video game and comic book fans, so use your best judgment.

 Q: For my audio, can I use spoken dialogue instead of music, like from an SNL skit?
A: "I'll take S words for 500, Alex." In all seriousness, only if it is less than 25% of the video. HOWEVER, if we receive a truly amazing video utilizing only dialogue, we may make an exception.

Q: Can I use fanart in my video?
A: If it is your own work, or you have the permission of the artist, yes. However, we recommend that you keep the usage of fanart to a minimum and remember the "no-still images" rule - if you include fanart, it must incorporate movement!

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