ConVivial Fest

ConVivial Fest - Friday, July 7 @ 9pm AND Saturday, July 8 @ 9pm

ConVivial Fest is our Convention After Dark for the 18+ or 21+ crowds with events co-hosted by ConnectiCon and various venues in Downtown Hartford, featuring live performers from the fandom community! ConVivial will kick off at 9pm expand to include performances at other venues.

ConVivial is currently looking for bands, comedians, improv troupes, and other live performers to participate in this event!

Performer requirements:

Performers MAY perform on the Governor's Landing Live Performance Stage during the day at the Connecticut Convention Center
Performers MUST perform a 30-45 minute set, at their assigned venue and time slot during ConVivial Fest
Performers MUST be present and merchandise available for sale at their 8'x8' booth in Exhibit Hall A at the Connecticut Convention Center during operating hours (Friday 12pm - 8pm, Saturday 11am - 7pm, Sunday 10am - 4pm)
Performers MAY elect to perform more than once during the convention weekend, performances will be scheduled based upon space availability (more performances = more exposure)

Performers who are selected to participate will receive:

A travel/performance stipend;
An 8' x 8' booth in Exhibit Hall A at the Connecticut Convention Center, Friday through Sunday, hours listed above;

Complimentary convention memberships for the performer(s) and approved associates.


If you are interested in performing at the ConVivial Fest, please fill out the the application form below. Please make sure to include all of the required information, so we can quickly approve your application to participate as a performer for the ConVivial Fest Convention After Dark. If you plan to sell merchandise, artwork or commissions during the convention you are required to have a valid State of Connecticut Sales Tax License.

Performer Application Form