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This year Console Gaming is back at the Connecticut Convention Center! Check out our schedule of tournaments below, and stop by Exhibit Hall B to check out all the awesome Open Play opportunities for you this year!

We've also teamed up with Tokyo Attack to bring you some of the hottest import arcade machines out there! Check out these great games:


jubeat features 16 clear squares placed over a large screen. Patters will appear under these squares to the beat of the music, and the player will have to respond to these patterns in real time to score. jubeat offers a wide variety of music from other games in the BEMANI series, as well as an assortment of exclusive songs from familiar artists. This is easily one of our most popular games, and after just one try you’ll understand why. With difficulties varying from novice to expert there is something for every skill level to enjoy!


Experience the hottest new rhythm game in Japan! SOUND VOLTEX is the newest DJ game from Konami, featuring their largest selection of Touhou music as well as remixes of many popular BEMANI tracks. With its 32” vertical screen, and completely RGB LED lit acrylic wing, SOUND VOLTEX is easily the most eye catching game you will see in the gameroom this year. If you are looking for a truly amazing tracklist and one of the most challenging rhythm games you’ve played yet, look no further! (Head to head play is available on our dual cabinets!)

Cho Chabudai Gaeshi! (Super Table-Flip!)

This is your chance to try one of Japan’s most infamous cult favorite games! This game allows you to take out your frustrations in any one of 8 scenarios by physically flipping a table, sending everything on the screen flying. You can also challenge up to 3 of your friends to a Home Run Derby, to find out who truly has the most skills. See if you can get your name onto the daily leader board, and enjoying flaunting the fact you got a chance to play one of the only one of these machines to make it to America!

Music GunGun! 2

Music GunGun! 2 is the hybrid of a rhythm game with a lightgun shooter. Featuring popular Vocaloid/Hatsune Miku, Anime, and Video Game music, Music GunGun! 2 offers something for every taste in a completely unique package. Boasting a MASSIVE 60” screen, this game will be hard to miss when entering the gameroom and even harder to stop playing once you start. Don’t miss this chance to play the only machine in America!


THE☆BishiBashi pits 3 players head to head in minigames designed to test your reflexes while keeping you laughing the entire time. Play 4 of the most ridiculous games you’ll ever find to determine who will go home the victor, and who will hang their head in shame. Featuring games from previous Japanese BishiBashi released, THE☆BishiBashi adds over 20 new minigames as well as a new high definition larger screen.

Initial D Arcade Stage 7 AAX

Continuing in the storyline of the Initial D manga, Initial D Arcade Stage 7 AAX showcases a plethora of new features not offered by its previous American counterparts. Enjoy improved HD graphics, more accurate steering, and new 2v2 tag races; as well as tons of new tracks, new opponents, and new music. Challenge your friends during the daytime, or come in the evening for competitive play and see how long you can keep your title going! This is nothing like the Initial D you remember, and fair warning, you may never want to go back to the old games again.

Dariusburst Another Chronicle EX

Submerge yourself into a shooting game experience like nothing you have ever witnessed before. Dariusburst Another Chronicle EX features dual 32” monitors merged together to make an astonishing 32:9 aspect ratio display. Couple that with music composed by Zunata, and the unique enclosed audio system, chair bass shakers, and headphone jacks, and you will have an experience never offered by an American arcade. Up to 4 players can join in simultaneously to help defeat larger than life bosses throughout dozens of stage assortments.

Taiko no Tatsujin

You know it, you love it, and you are probably salivating just thinking about it. Taiko no Tatsujin (Taiko Drum Master) takes traditional Japanese drumming and turns it into one of the most fun rhythm games ever invented. Featuring a comprehensive list of anime, video game, and other popular songs, Taiko is truly the most authentic Japenese arcade experience anyone could ever find. We are thrilled to bring you 2 of the best maintained Taiko cabinets in America, running different versions to offer the largest selection of music possible. Come find out what makes this game number 1 in Japan week after week!

Future Tom Tom

Featuring a built in camera, Future Tom Tom puts players directly into the game, making them not only follow the drum patterns on the screen, but make poses mid song, and follow patterns in the air. Play all 4 drums by yourself, and experience how difficult the game can get, or play one of many 2 player modes including Co-Op, Head-to-Head, and Couples mode. At the end of each game, you will get a Purikura style recap of your game, featuring players in funny heads and making crazy stances. This is the only machine to make it to the states, and we promise, you’ve never see anything like this before!

Dance Dance Revolution

Dance Dance Revolution is easily a staple of nearly every American arcade. Easily the reason rhythm gaming is popular in the US, DDR is the must have game for any convention gaming space. Here at Tokyo Attack we feature two different versions of this game, both DDR Extreme, arguably the most commonly known version in the series, as well as DanceDanceRevolution, the more current reboot featuring tons of new music, and difficulties. Come challenge your friends throughout the weekend, or go for the gold during our tournament on Saturday at 5pm! (Our pads have been countersunk to make playing is cosplay shoes / barefoot easier!)

beatmania IIDX

beatmania IIDX is the latest installment of Konami beatmania series, the music game that started it all. With its dual turntables, full effector panel, and 14 keysounded keys, beatmania IIDX is the premier DJ style rhythm game. As the longest running music game series, the beatmania games host the most original music list available in any current game. Considered to be the most difficult of its genre, IIDX is a game that even the best players will never truly master, always leaving something to strive for. Some of New England’s best players will be here all weekend, make sure to stop by and get some pointers!<.br>
pop’n music

You most likely all know this game from that eBaum’s World video that has been circulating since before YouTube was a thing, but trust us, a LOT has changed in that time! pop’n music features 9 colorful buttons that are hit to the rhythm of the music. pop’n music is also host to by far the largest songlist in any 1 rhythm game to date, including tons of anime songs, such at the theme from Attack on Titan! Challenge your friends to 3 button versus mode, where you can build up attacks to launch at the other player, or take the game on solo in its intended 9 button glory.

Pump it Up

Released around the same time as Dance Dance Revolution, and widely popular in Korean and South America, Pump it Up is a 5 panel Korean dance game, sharing many similar traits with its Japanese competitor. Rich with the latest K-Pop offerings from 2NE1, Kara, Big Bang, and many many more, Pump it Up takes dancing games to a whole new level. Offering singles, doubles, freestyle, and even multi player routine charts, Pump keeps the genre constantly changing and fresh. Make sure to stop in over the weekend for your chance to catch a freetyle routine! (Both PRIME and Infinity will be available!)

DJMAX Technika

DJMAX Technika is a unique touch screen approach to the ever popular DJMAX series of games. Featuring songs from both the PSP and PC versions of the game, Technika introduces an all new play mechanic, breaking the screen into two sections and making players follow the judgement line instead of the notes themselves. Technika is also one of the first rhythm games to introduce a spectator screen, allowing onlookers to watch how the player is doing. With a variety of different play modes available, both beginners and well acquainted fans of the series will have an opportunity to enjoy this game.

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